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We are a professional crypto recovery service that can help you gain access to your lost Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more!

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About Us

About Our Wallet Recovery Service

We are a professional crypto recovery service specializing in data recovery. We’ve been in the IT industry for over 21 years and have a proven track record of success. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service while getting your wallet back quickly, safely, and affordably.

Recovery Services

We work closely with you to find the best solution to getting your crypto back

Forgotten Wallet Passwords & Seeds

If you forgotten or lost your password or seed we can help you recover it.

Old Wallet Versions

If your having issues with old wallets that no longer work or are trying to sync, we can help you gain access to your coins.

Deleted Data

If you accidentally deleted your data or wallet, many times we can recover it.


If your device has been infected by a virus we can help get your data off. You should take your device offline ASAP.


Testimonial From Dave

I’ve been investing in crypto currency’s for years and consider myself a fairly advanced trader. I had a large investment in dogecoin and when I went to sell it I was devastated to find that I couldn’t retrieve it from my old wallets. Thankfully, Professional Crypto Recovery Service was able to recover my addresses and passwords and I was able to cash out on my investment! They are very professional and I highly recommend them.


David Rhodes

Owner, Rhodes Electric

Why select Our Crypto Recovery Service?

Professional Service

We are a professional business that is here to help you. Rest assured that your coins will be safe and you will be treated with respect in a timely manor.

Lowest Fees

We charge 18% of the value for wallets under 10BTC, 13% for wallets between 10 and 100BTC, and 8% if your wallet is over 100BTC.

Fast Response Time

You will receive a reply to your message within a few hours. Depending on the complexity of your situation you could get your coins back as soon as 24 hours.

Legal Contract

Before sending us any data we will sign a legally binding contract.

Meet In Person, Over Skype/Zoom,
Or on the Phone

We are happy to meet in person, over skype/zoom, or on the phone to discuss your situation and how we can help!

Free Consultation

We offer free consultations and will explain the recovery process with you. There is no obligation and we only get paid if we recover your cryptocurrency wallet.

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