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The Best Bitcoin Recovery Services

Bitcoin (BTC) has grown to be the most popular cryptocurrency around. It is a symbol of financial autonomy that every crypto enthusiast wants to own. And in line with this autonomy, most people store their BTC in non-custodial wallets. These are wallets that give you the seed phrase and/or private keys, allowing you full ownership and control of your bitcoin.

However, non-custodial wallets come with significant risks and responsibilities. The biggest of these is keeping your seed phrase, passphrase, pin, and/or password safe. If you’re not careful or if you’re unlucky, you might end up unable to access your bitcoins. Given how valuable BTC is, this can be a stressful experience. So, what should you do? 

If nothing you’ve tried has worked, your best bet is to find a bitcoin recovery expert. 

Best Bitcoin Recovery Services Infographic

What is a bitcoin recovery service? 

A bitcoin recovery service is a service that helps people regain access to their bitcoin.  It’s typically offered by bitcoin recovery experts who are well-trained and experienced in cryptography and data recovery.

People seek bitcoin recovery services when they can no longer access their crypto. This can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, every wallet has a pin/password that helps prevent unauthorized access. If you lose or forget it, the wallet program assumes you don’t have the authority to use the wallet. 

Another common problem arises with the seed phrase. This is a sequence of 12-24 words that are randomly generated when you first create your wallet. It acts as proof of ownership of the wallet and all the funds associated with it. Thus, it’s the most important tool of any wallet.

If you lose a part of your seed phrase it becomes useless. The same happens if you forget the correct sequence or replace some words with the wrong ones. Depending on your specific situation, any of the above instances may mean you’re no longer able to access your cryptocurrencies. 

This is where bitcoin recovery experts come in. A bitcoin recovery expert, through cryptography, data science, and a bit of your help, will work with you to recover your lost/forgotten password or incomplete/invalid seed phrase. That way, you’ll regain access to your bitcoin. 

Note that bitcoin recovery services only work for cryptocurrency that is yours. In blockchain technology, this means assets that are associated with your crypto wallet. If the funds are no longer in your wallet, a recovery service cannot help you. 

This means that if your wallet is hacked and the funds are transferred to another wallet or you accidentally send funds to the wrong address, you won’t be able to recover them. 

The best Bitcoin wallet recovery services

There are many bitcoin recovery experts out there. Here’s a look at the best 3. 

Bitcoin Recovery

Bitcoin Recovery is a New York-based professional crypto recovery service. The company is a collaboration between a cyber law firm,  Bukh Law Firm, and a cyber security firm, CyberSec. 

Since its inception, the company has helped more than 100 clients recover their bitcoins. Its services include: 

  • Recovering forgotten wallet passwords
  • Accessing older wallet versions that refuse to sync with the blockchain
  • Recovering bitcoins lost in forks
  • Restoring accidentally deleted wallet data 
  • Clearing viruses from a bitcoin wallet

Professional Crypto Recovery (PCR)

At Professional Crypto Recovery we have more than 21 years worth of experience in IT. We have been helping people recover their bitcoins since the early days of crypto, making us one of the most experienced service providers in the industry. 

Over the years we have helped loads of people get their bitcoins. We have a proven track record of success. We can help you if you’re unable to reach your bitcoins due to any one of the following reasons: 

  • You’ve forgotten your wallet’s password or pin.
  • You have an incomplete seed phrase. This happens when you lose or forget a few words. 
  • You have the complete seed phrase but the words are not in the right order. 
  • Your bitcoin wallet is not working properly. This happens if you have an older wallet version, are having trouble syncing with the blockchain, or accidentally deleted your wallet’s data. 
  • Your wallet’s software has been infected by a virus. We will help get crucial data off the wallet before it’s all corrupted and use it to recover your bitcoins.
  • You have sent your bitcoin to the wrong blockchain.

We are very professional in our approach and we are known for having the lowest fees and fastest delivery times. We will work with you throughout the recovery process and we only accept payment if we succeed. Get started with your recovery today! is a bitcoin recovery service registered in Colorado as Vesker Consulting LLC. It was founded in 2017 as a project of The Bitcoin Consultancy, a company that offers individuals and businesses blockchain solutions. 

The recovery experts at use specialized software and hardware to recover bitcoin wallets. They’ve helped people who: 

  • Have forgotten their crypto wallet’s pin/password. In this situation, recovery experts use brute force attacks powered by GPUs to crack the pin or password. 
  • Have lost some words in their seed phrase leading to an incomplete seed list. 
  • Have an invalid seed phrase due to the words being in the wrong order or they’re using the wrong version of some words. 
  • Are trying to use unsupported wallet versions. Wallets become unsupported when they’re outdated and/or have stopped receiving updates from their developers. 
  • Have corrupt software due to viruses or accidental deletion. 
  • Have had their wallets compromised by sweeper bots. experts work to defeat the bots and recover whatever assets are left in the wallet. 


Losing access to your bitcoins doesn’t necessarily mean they’re lost forever. Thanks to recovery experts, it is possible to recover your bitcoins. The only thing you have to worry about is finding the best service for you. 

In that case, if you’re looking for a top bitcoin recovery expert, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.